We are located in beautiful Durango, Colorado where our Ragdoll Kittens and Cats are raised. We are in the southwest corner, or what is known as the Four Corners, where the borders of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado meet.

bulletWe can now fly kittens to Denver, Phoenix and parts of Texas. We would be happy to fly from Denver to anywhere you are located. Although if you are able to pick up your kitten that is what we feel is best!

We are dedicated to providing you with the best kitten suited your individual needs, We have a strong commitment to keeping the breed safe.

We are a no declaw cattery and we are TICA registered.

We love our ragdolls and hope you will too!!!!


We hope you enjoy our site…….our available ragdoll kittens are raised in a happy loving home.

Kitty in flowers

kitties in chair

If you would like more information about our website or our available kittens, please contact us.